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What exposes passengers to getting hurt on cruise ships?

Of the over 24 million people that take cruises annually, a recent Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) report shows that 19 of them die falling from their ships each year. Each time an incident like this occurs, researchers learn a lot more about what can be done to prevent these types of incidents from occurring.

Reviews of past incidents have shed light on how the low height of railings on balconies and decks has made passengers more vulnerable to falling overboard.

A shortage of signs warning passengers of the dangers of engaging in horseplay has also resulted in their injuries and deaths. Cruise ships specifically fear how intoxicated passengers may engage in horseplay that can get them hurt.

Individuals also put themselves at risk of being hurt on cruise ships when they try to recreate iconic scenes from the movie "Titanic" or take selfies.

In the case of the latter, as many as 90 people die of falls as they take risky images of themselves each year. At least 70 of those drown when their boat capsizes, or they're overcome by waves. Others are struck by moving trains, burned to death, killed by firearms and attacked by animals.

Other cruise ship passengers die after having arguments aboard their water vessel. Safety analysts warn that the best thing that an individual can do if they become involved in a heated discussion with someone while aboard their boat is to alert a crew member and to move indoors.

Passengers on cruise ships also risk falling from the deck of their boat by not staying in their cabins when it's windy outside or when waters get choppy. Passengers who tend to wear heels as to opposed flats or other slip-proof shoes on wet surfaces are more apt to fall than others as well.

While deaths from falls overboard are a possibility, they're rare. It's far more common for cruise ship passengers to become involved in incidents that result in serious injuries such as head trauma, herniated discs and burns.

If you get hurt on a cruise ship, then the boat's owner will likely try to do everything within their power to prove that your own "irresponsible behavior" resulted in your injuries.

John W. Merting is an experienced Gulf Breeze attorney who can help accurately quantify the financial impact of serious injuries or a fatality that has occurred. Contact his office for assistance.

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