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A 52-year-old woman falls to her death from a cruise ship

A 52-year-old woman fell overboard to her death while en route to one of the stops on her Princess Cruise Lines ship's itinerary on Nov. 13. The woman and her male companion had left Port Everglades for what was slated to be a seven-day southern Caribbean cruise several days earlier on Nov. 9. The ship was expected to return to its original Fort Lauderdale port this past Saturday.

Witnesses to the incident reported seeing the woman involved in physical altercation with a male passenger in the moments before she fell from the deck of the ship. The woman's body landed on a lifeboat when it went overboard.

A spokesperson for the cruise line notes that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) was immediately contacted about the incident. Aruban authorities were also contacted as the ship had already docked there. Local police later boarded the boat to investigate the incident. Early on that Tuesday morning, the ship's captain came on the intercom and announced that a "serious incident" had occurred aboard the ship earlier in the day.

Neither the cruise line's spokesperson nor the FBI have identified the deceased passenger other than to provide her age, gender and to confirm that she has American citizenship. They've referred any additional questions to the Aruban police and prosecutor's office. The only information that they provided is that the decedent's body remains in the island-country and that an autopsy had already been performed on it.

They've emphasized that their sole goal was to conduct a thorough investigation to determine what happened leading up to the woman's death. They say that want to figure out if it was an accident or a crime. They'll apparently use the evidence that they've collected to make this determination. They've yet to make any arrests in the case.

Cruise ships generally carry several thousand guests and crewmembers. Of the few passengers who pass away while aboard each year, many die of medical emergencies related to their own poor health.

A small handful are caused by someone else's negligence. The Law Offices of John W. Merting, P.A, may be able to help you recover compensation for your loved one's wrongful death if it can attribute it to someone else's negligence.

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