A 29-year-old Fernandina Beach man, who was slated to get married on Dec. 1, fell to his death while aboard Paradise Cruise Line’s Grand Classica on Oct. 26. The man had just begun his bachelor party cruise from the Port of Palm Beach to the Grand Bahama Island when the incident occurred.

The cruise ship had only traveled 13 miles from its original port when the United States Coast Guard received a call about an onboard incident that had occurred just before 8 p.m. Service members from the Lake Worth station were dispatched to help.

Once they made it aboard the ship, they found out that a passenger has fallen from a higher deck down to a lower one. They quickly whisked him away to their awaiting boat and then to St. Mary’s Medical Center. Doctors pronounced him dead soon thereafter.

Witnesses reported hearing the captain announce “code blue” over the ship’s intercom after the incident. They soon noticed a crowd gathering around one of the ship’s stairways and a large amount of blood on the floors below them. They then learned that the man had likely fallen from around the 10th or 11th deck.

After the man had been evacuated from the ship, a cruise line spokesperson released a statement acknowledging that a medical emergency occurred that required the evacuation of a passenger. The message also contained good wishes intended for the guest’s family and thanked the U.S. Coast Guard for their quick handling of the incident. It also said that the ship had continued on to its final destination.

Soon thereafter, the victim’s fiancee posted on social media how her future husband had been involved in a tragic accident and died. She mentioned that the Wells Fargo collateral analyst and Florida State University graduate had been her best friend and true love. She asked everyone to keep her and the rest of his family and friends in their prayers.

Countless passengers go on cruises annually without incident. In those rare instances in which something goes wrong, though, the results are often tragic.

Falls on ships, whether they occur along the top deck, involve a passenger falling from one interior floor to one below or them going overboard, often result in catastrophic injuries or death. Gulf Breeze attorney John W. Merting can help you work to prove that the cruise line’s negligence resulted in your loved one’s injuries or death.