Divers with the Lee County Sheriff’s Office have found the body of a boater who had gone missing while spending time out on the water nearby Punta Rassa on Sunday, Nov. 11. A spokesperson for the office notes that he’d last been seen right before 3:00 p.m. that afternoon. Soon after that, police dispatch began receiving calls summoning them to the scene.

Swarms of divers and first responders arrived in Punta Rassa moments after the first call came in. They initiated a search of the area, but suspended it as nightfall set in. They resumed their search the following day as the sun came up. That’s when they located the man’s body.

Witnesses who watched the rescue efforts reported seeing crime scene tape being put up all around the sole boat ramp in the area in the hours before the man was found.

Although a spokesperson for the sheriff’s office said that it appeared that the man had gone overboard the vessel, they refused to provide any additional details regarding what may have occurred. Witnesses say that investigators shifted their focus to a yacht that was anchored nearby.

The decedent was identified by family members at the scene. He’s been described as a Minneapolis-area resident. He’d reportedly co-owned the Brainerd International Raceway & Resort with his wife since 2006.

Florida’s waterways can be dangerous, especially when someone is an impaired or inexperienced boater. While many jurisdictions require boaters to wear life jackets, few do. If they fall overboard, they can drown.

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