Some people save for years to take a luxury cruise to commemorate a special anniversary. Others cruise regularly with family members or groups of like-minded friends who also have the travel bug.

One thing that all these people have in common is that they go aboard ready to have a great time on the ship and in the ports of call they visit on their journeys. Most never dream that they may never leave the ship alive.

But as recent headlines attest, that’s a real possibility. Some cruise passengers become victims of domestic disputes and others are likely suicides or die from tragic misadventures that wind up with them slipping overboard. But still other fatal cruise incidents remain unsolved, with frantic relatives never getting answers or closure.

Even when no one dies aboard the ship, there are myriad ways to get injured, sometimes seriously. But a broken arm or leg or head injury that would be quickly treated at a hospital back on dry land becomes an expensive and logistical nightmare to treat when it occurs onboard a cruise ship.

The one commonality in most of these deaths and serious injuries is the tendency of the cruise line to deny liability for the losses and damages. They have all sorts of tricks they use to deny legitimate personal injury and wrongful death claims of victims and survivors of the deceased.

They may try to get distraught, ill or traumatized victims to submit to taped interviews or give written statements when they are ill-equipped to do so. What they are attempting to do is to get the claimant to make an admission that the cruise line can later turn against them and use to deny the claim.

Don’t allow your rights to be trampled in this way. Before you make a statement following a cruise ship accident or fatal incident, contact the Law Offices of John W. Merting, P.A., for assistance.