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Which states have the most registered boats?

Boating is very popular across the United States, but geography alone dictates that some states have far more registered watercraft than others. Have you ever wondered which ones top the list?

When you look at multiple reports over the years, it's clear that Florida always ranks fairly highly. For instance, in one report, Florida came in at No. 3 overall, with 922,597 registered boats. That put it behind only California and Michigan, both of which topped 1,000,000 boats.

The numbers fall off pretty quickly. For instance, though South Carolina was still in the top ten at No. 10, it had just 383,971 registered boats. By the time you get down to Mississippi at No. 20, not even halfway through the list, there were just 199,037 registered boats.

Naturally, the numbers move around a bit every year. For instance, another report showed that Florida ranked No. 1 overall with 914,535 registered boats. That number had fallen from the year before, but it stayed at the top. Right below it was Minnesota, with 813,976 registered boats, and then Michigan, with 812,066 registered boats. California rounded out the top four with 810,008 registered boats.

So, while the numbers may change and the rankings may shift, you can see that the same states show up repeatedly. With its beautiful weather and miles and miles of coastline, Florida is sure to always be somewhere near the top when looking at watercraft numbers.

What that means is that boaters in the state have to share the waterways with many other boats, and they need to know what steps to take if they get injured in an accident. If an accident happens to you or your loved ones, make sure that you get some experienced legal advice about your situation.

The Law Offices of John W. Merting, P.A. has assisted people after boating accident injuries for more than 40 years.

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