Anyone who has gone water tubing knows just how exciting it can be — at least, until that first big crash. That’s when it can get very dangerous, even in a relatively controlled environment.

Often, these accidents lead to face and head injuries, both of which can be very traumatic and may have a lasting impact for years to come. Some severe injuries may even be fatal. In addition, suffering head injuries while in the water puts someone at greater risk of drowning.

One study that focused on these kinds of face and head injuries took a very interesting slant. The researchers set out to find out what modern injuries looked the most like historic injuries suffered by Neanderthals. In about 30 percent of those cases, Neanderthals had head or face injuries, which is a very high percentage when considering the potential severity and limited medical care.

The researchers then looked at modern activities and injuries, and that’s when they found that water tubing injuries were the closest to Neanderthal injuries out of all of the activities they studied. After water tubing came boomerang accidents and golf cart accidents.

While the link to historical injuries does not tell us that much about how they happened — clearly, Neanderthals were not getting hurt while water tubing — it does expose just how violent and dangerous tubing is. Those who get hurt, or the family members of injured children, must know what steps to take to seek compensation.

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