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Beware of these parasailing dangers

Touring areas like the Gulf Coast can be an exciting time in your life. You love heading out on the water, and this is the perfect place to do it.

The sunny, hot days and warm waters make for a great vacation or day out. You may be interested in going boating, fishing or parasailing, spending your time on activities that you may not get to do at other times of the year.

Of the activities you can do, one of the most dangerous is parasailing. While it's an activity that people participate in regularly, there are some significant risks. People have been drowned participating in parasailing, and some have been badly injured in violent waters.

What makes parasailing dangerous?

Parasailing is simply flying from the rear of a boat. You have a parachute and tow line that keeps you attached to the boat. If done safely, this is a fun activity. However, there are hazards that can make a seemingly innocent activity turn dangerous or deadly.

One of the things that can be a danger is the tow rope. If the towline breaks, then there is a potential for those parasailing to be critically injured or killed as they fall to the water below.

Another threat to parasailers is the weather. Parasail operators are not allowed to run their services in high winds or when a storm is nearby, because wind can affect the trajectory of the parasail.

You can parasail in one of two ways: With a harness or with a gondola. Choose the gondola, because if you do end up going into the water as a result of the towline breaking, it's safer to be in the gondola than to be trapped under the parachute canopy and shroud lines.

Another risk is hitting the ground instead of water. Make sure you know how close you're going to get to the shore. Depending on how much line is let out, you'll want to be at least three times that distance from shore, so you don't end up crashing down on land or in shallow water.

Parasailing can be fun, but it does have the potential to be dangerous. Contact the Law Offices of John W. Merting, P.A. to learn more about your options if you are hurt in a boating accident or suffer injuries in any water-based sport as a result of another person's negligence or reckless behavior.

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