A 25-year-old man has sued Royal Caribbean for $10 million after suffering an injury while aboard the Mariner of the Seas ship.

The suit was filed in federal court in Miami.

In the lawsuit, the man said he suffered a fractured pelvis and dislocated shoulder when he fell from Sky Pad, which is a bungee-trampoline ride on the ship. He said he was bouncing in a harness when the device snapped and he fell, hitting the desk.

There is a cellphone video of the incident that could be admitted as evidence in any trial.

After the accident, Mariner of the Seas returned to Miami. The man was taken to the hospital and surgery was performed.

A resident of Washington state, he cannot yet return home and is staying with his girlfriend, a Florida resident. His attorney said it was a “life-changing accident” for the man.

“He has got to take it day by day. He cannot bear any weight for the next three months,” he said, adding the man is undergoing physical therapy and is under the care of a psychologist for depression.

This was supposed to be a fun, quick trip to the Bahamas for this man. Instead, it turned out to be a memorable one for all the wrong reasons. Now, he must miss work, miss the comforts of home as he recovers across the country, endure the pain of physical therapy and watch the ongoing medical expenses add up. Combining his lack of income with his hospital bills will result in a tremendous financial loss.

Anyone involved in a cruise ship accident has a right to pursue compensation. If you are injured, a consultation with the Law Offices of John W. Merting, P.A., should be your first step.