Getting hurt on the open sea or in rough waters can be devastating to your health and future. Most people know that there is a risk of drowning in open water, but another risk is a head injury.

When you water ski, go out on a speed boat or participate in other water-based activities, there is a risk that you could hurt your head. You could hit your head on the boat, on the water or even on shore.

When that happens, the impact can be significant. While water seems like it wouldn’t pose a threat, you must remember that speed combined with the force of impact can make water feel as hard as cement given the chance.

The risk of hitting your head on the water and drowning is great enough that you should attempt to always have at least one other person with you. That way, they’re there to help you out of the water and to help you get back to shore safely.

What should you do if you hit your head while boating?

Even if you’re not sure if you need medical care, it’s a good idea to go back to the marina and call an ambulance or head to a local emergency room. Watch out for symptoms of head injuries such as dizziness, changes in personality, a loss of consciousness, headaches and pain.

If you are hurt as a direct result of faulty equipment, the driver of the boat’s errors or other people’s actions, you may be able to seek compensation for your injuries. That’s something to consider after you receive your initial medical care.

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