In 2015, ExxonMobil’s offshore drilling platforms located off the California coast were shut down. What was more shocking was that the platforms were widely corroded and suffered from gas leaks and emergencies long before the Refugio Oil Spill that required them to close down operations.

Several reports and inspections were collected by the Center for Biological Diversity in California, which has been raising questions about the condition of the oil-drilling platforms off the coast of California. The agency believes that the drilling platforms need to be shut down.

Why are the oil platforms so dangerous? The agency showed that there had been flammable gas leaks and corroded platforms. Other issues found by a federal investigation included electrical problems on Platform Hondo.

A Freedom of Information Act request also discovered documents that proved there had been many injuries of workers and that at least two had accidents related to slipping on hydraulic fluid that had leaked onto the deck.

As you may already know, offshore drilling is hazardous without these serious safety violations. The Hondo platform was built in 1976, and the other two platforms — Harmony and Heritage — were both built in 1989. Therefore, it is perhaps no surprise that they had significant wear and tear. Workers are put in danger when they’re using damaged platforms, which can result in them suffering serious injuries or worse.

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