Boating accidents are horrible because people could be badly hurt and also be thrown into a life-threatening situation where they risk drowning. Someone with just a moderate head injury may not be able to coordinate themselves long enough to swim to shore, or someone who has been trapped under debris may not be able to come up for air.

Although people often think that boating accidents won’t be that serious, the reality is that they can lead to serious wounds and death. Just hitting another boat at 10 or 20 mph could be enough speed to cause people to go overboard or to cause injuries.

What should you do to prevent boating crashes on the water?

Although not all states require you to have a boating license or training, it’s a good idea to get training if you will be boating along the Gulf Coast or in international waters. You should know which signals to look out for and who has the right of way when you’re approaching another vessel. Simple training can help prevent many of the injuries seen in recreational boating accidents today.

You can also take time to prepare your route before you head out. Knowing where you’re going and how to get there is essential, especially because it could be possible to get turned around if you can’t see land. In addition, it’s a good choice to look at the weather report before you go boating each day.

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