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Drowning can cause significant and life-long injuries

Brain injuries can happen anywhere, including in the water. If you work around the sea or any other kind of waterway, there is a potential that you could suffer brain damage during a drowning incident.

Oxygen deprivation from near-drowning can lead to brain damage. While people often assume that victims of drownings pass away, the reality is that many people do survive drowning incidents, and drowning doesn't necessarily result in fatalities.

Near-drowning survivors face challenges. Depending on how long they went without oxygen reaching the brain, they may suffer from significant disabilities from the lack of oxygen.

What happens when a person drowns?

Drowning happens when a person is submerged in a liquid that either interferes with breathing or causes suffocation. During drowning, the body goes without oxygen. This has the ability to damage the organs, especially the brain and lungs.

Did you know that around four times as many people end up in the hospital for near-drownings than those who die as a result of a drowning? That's right; people can and do survive near-drownings.

When a drowning happens, there are two things that can happen. In one case, water can enter the lungs. In another, the vocal cords may spasm severely, preventing water from entering the lungs and stopping a person from breathing. In either case, the lungs have no access to oxygen and cannot transfer it into the blood, leading to the potential for organ damage, brain damage and death.

At Law Offices of John W. Merting, P.A., we encourage you to be safe near the water and to make sure you hold others responsible if you drown as a result of their actions.

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