The cruise industry has recently taken quite a beating with the mainstream media reporting on the quarantine of multiple ships due to the presence of the unique coronavirus among some of the passengers and record cancellations among older adults, who book a significant portion of all cruises and are at highest risk for the coronavirus.

However, there are risks well beyond exposure to pathogens that people often don’t consider when they book a cruise vacation. The all-inclusive nature of many cruises can make them seem like a dream trip. You get to stare out at tropical or ocean vistas while enjoying all-you-can-eat food around the clock and plenty of alcoholic beverages to help you enjoy your time onboard.

Unfortunately, the ready availability of alcohol combined with inadequate safety considerations during the design of ships can combine to create very dangerous situations for passengers.

Despite rules against climbing, people often go over railings on cruise ships

With the rise of selfie culture, many people attempt to get into weird positions in order to take the optimal picture of themselves. That desire can certainly play a role in people climbing over or onto railings on cruise ships. However, people may climb on the railings just because they want an unobstructed view or because they are feeling a little silly because of their drinks. Depending on what deck the person is on at the time that they do so, any fall that occurs could potentially cause severe injuries ranging from broken bones and spinal injuries to death.

Bad decisions on a cruise ship can have tragic outcomes

Every few months, in fact, there are typically stories of passengers who fall off of cruise ships and die. Sometimes, a selfie is to blame, while other times alcohol plays a role. In some cases, poor labeling or inadequate safety considerations in design can play a role, like when a young child fell through an open window in a cruise ship in late 2019 and died, shocking the country.

Those who get hurt because of inadequate or improper design or safety equipment on cruise ships or who lose loved ones because of unsafe windows or low railings may have the right to hold the cruise line accountable for that loss.