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Cruise Ship Accidents Archives

Conception sinks, taking 34 lives with it

Officials have been looking into what caused the fatal fire that resulted in the deaths of 34 people off Southern California while at sea. They were aboard the Conception, a dive boat, when the boat caught on fire. It eventually sank 60 feet into the sea.

Air quality on cruises : A hazard to your health?

Cruises are billed as hedonistic havens of fun activities and luxury accommodations. But a darker side to cruising emerges that the industry strives to conceal. There have been some high-profile cases in the news recently about passengers and staff members going overboard while the ships were at sea, but that's not the only concern.

A 52-year-old woman falls to her death from a cruise ship

A 52-year-old woman fell overboard to her death while en route to one of the stops on her Princess Cruise Lines ship's itinerary on Nov. 13. The woman and her male companion had left Port Everglades for what was slated to be a seven-day southern Caribbean cruise several days earlier on Nov. 9. The ship was expected to return to its original Fort Lauderdale port this past Saturday.

A Florida man falls several decks to his death on a cruise ship

A 29-year-old Fernandina Beach man, who was slated to get married on Dec. 1, fell to his death while aboard Paradise Cruise Line's Grand Classica on Oct. 26. The man had just begun his bachelor party cruise from the Port of Palm Beach to the Grand Bahama Island when the incident occurred.

What exposes passengers to getting hurt on cruise ships?

Of the over 24 million people that take cruises annually, a recent Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) report shows that 19 of them die falling from their ships each year. Each time an incident like this occurs, researchers learn a lot more about what can be done to prevent these types of incidents from occurring.

Cruising during hurricane season can increase your risk of injury

Hurricane season is now officially half the year -- from the beginning of June through the end of November. Of course, hurricanes can and do occur outside of this period. Therefore, if you want to make your next vacation a cruise, it may be hard to schedule one at a time when running into a hurricane or severe storm isn't a possibility -- particularly if you have kids and need to sail during the summer.

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