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Recreational Boating / Personal Watercraft Accidents Archives

Water tubing accidents often cause face and head injuries

Anyone who has gone water tubing knows just how exciting it can be -- at least, until that first big crash. That's when it can get very dangerous, even in a relatively controlled environment.

Defendant's suicide ends criminal case in boating deaths

When an accident occurs due to someone's negligence and people die, there can be no winners. No consequences can ever bring back the lost loved ones or undo the pain of losing them.

Which states have the most registered boats?

Boating is very popular across the United States, but geography alone dictates that some states have far more registered watercraft than others. Have you ever wondered which ones top the list?

The importance of a life jacket in a boating accident

If you're spending a day on the lake with your family, it's easy to feel like you don't need a life jacket. The boat is just drifting on relatively flat water. It's sunny, warm and calm. Everyone is relaxed and enjoying themselves. You want to stash your jacket under the seats, put your feet up and enjoy the day.

Safety warning: Personal watercraft have high accident rates

A personal watercraft (PWC) -- often called a Jet Ski, though that is a Kawasaki brand name -- offers a fun way to explore the waterways and coastlines in Florida, and people take these small, agile vehicles out all the time. They're fast, exciting, easy to transport and cheaper than a full-sized boat.

How often do personal watercraft incidents occur in Florida?

While most parts of the United States are chilly around this time of the year, Florida's eternal sunshine seems to keep things warm. If there's one downside to Florida being such an ideal location for people to come to for a vacation, it's that it entices so many to ride personal watercraft despite not knowing how to operate them. Individuals get hurt or killed in the state each year because of this.

A raceway owner falls overboard, drowns off the Florida coast

Divers with the Lee County Sheriff's Office have found the body of a boater who had gone missing while spending time out on the water nearby Punta Rassa on Sunday, Nov. 11. A spokesperson for the office notes that he'd last been seen right before 3:00 p.m. that afternoon. Soon after that, police dispatch began receiving calls summoning them to the scene.

Young woman killed after being struck by pontoon boat

A young woman had decided to go swimming in Florida when she was tragically hit and killed by a pontoon boat. The accident happened on the last Saturday in September. The woman passed away the following day. She was just 22 years old at the time.

Safety tips for boating through a storm

If you own a boat, there is plenty you must know in order to operate it safely when on the waters in Gulf Breeze. It's entirely possible that you could leave in the morning for an excursion with the weather completely fine and then it changes dramatically in the middle of your trip. Here are some safety tips for boating through a storm.

Florida mother organizes artificial reef in memory of her son

A South Florida mother is remembering the life of her son by creating an artificial reef that will provide shelter for sea wildlife. The woman's son died in a boating accident approximately three years ago, and the reef is a way for the mother to keep the memory of her son alive.

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